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Welcome world, to my new website. Migrating everything over will be a slow process and I even have some new ideas to transform my website more into an "experience" or perhaps even a game!

Don't worry, I have a backup of the old website I'm using to rebuild this one so hopefully I won't forget anything!

Most links to other pages on this site will not work until I actually make them!

In the meantime if you would like to learn a bit more about myself read on!

Carlo del Mundo

neoxid501 is the pseudonym I use to represent myself online, and is the name I've used to publish games to Itchio, Google Play, and the Oculus Quest through SideQuest.

I'm a programmer at Velan Studios! We recently released Knockout City which is free to play until level 25! Be sure to follow our socials to keep up with the latest news 😊

As an indie, I published over 20 games learning programming and teaching myself how to texture, model, create music, and much more. Links to those projects will be added as I continue to restore pages on my website...

Velan Studios Programmer


Game Development Club at SJSU

Social Media Officer | 2018 - 2019
Event Coordinator | 2018 - 2019
Streaming Director | 2017 - 2019

As part of the game development club for 4 years, I was able to help raise hundreds of dollars as part of the club's charity streams and ran a podcast talking about industry developers, game design, and had the privledge of interviewing industry veterans and indies alike. The complete overhaul of the Youtube, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook was lead by me to improve our community outreach and marketing. In addition, I organized trips and helped with events including GDC 2017, GDC 2019, MAGWest 2019, Mini Maker Faire, and Bay Area Maker Faire.

Super Smash Bros at SJSU

Web Manager | 2019 - 2021
Streaming Director | 2017 - 2019

During my tenure as the club's streaming director, I developed custom python and javascript programs allowing for dynamic score display and player tags to be displayed to the stream. To help visualize the ban process for viewers and help newer players familiarize themselves with competitive play, I created a program to automate the ban process and included it as part of the club's website that I launched to help archive VODs and highlight the achievements and projects of our members.

I have...

• Developed and published over 20 games with thousands of downloads
• Published 10 games on the Google Play Store
• 3 Published Games for the Oculus Quest
• Experience with Godot, Unreal Engine, Gamemaker, and Unity
​• Showcased several VR projects at events and conventions including MAGWest and Maker Faire
• Uploaded tutorial videos teaching people how to program and use game engines